We’re off!

Right on schedule, on June 9, 2012, Michel began the great adventure that will take him across all of Canada by hand bike, accompanied by his wife Brigitte, his sister-in-law Fabienne, his friend Jean-Léon and, obviously, Mollo.

After assessing various locations in and around Vancouver, Michel decided to follow the suggestions of several persons and start his journey from Port Coquitlam, a suburb of Vancouver. This location is much safer than Stanley Park.

Right from the very beginning of his trip Michel began meeting some of the nicest people, including two cyclists, Paul Richardson and his friend John. Paul and John were able to help him navigate across a very busy highway and guided him to a more cycle-friendly trail, and this allowed him to meet up with the entire team at a predetermined location, as planned. But the help provided by Paul and John did not end there. Even though they were behind in their own schedule, they took the time to accompany Michel to a bicycle shop (www.westwoodcycle.ca) so that he could have another rear-view mirror installed on his bike. Rodney, the sales manager, graciously offered him the mirror and Jason, the technician, provided a number of tips on how to make various adjustments to his equipment.

He ended his first day out at Harrison Mills, B.C. after covering some 60 kilometers. Michel is extremely thankful for all the guardian angels that he has encountered along the way. He is also very happy to have finally begun his great adventure.