Jean-Léon Laverdière

Jean-Léon Laverdière currently enjoys a peaceful retirement in his home town of Sainte-Claire de Bellechasse in Quebec. Being particularly fond of delicious local dishes, he decided to train in the art of professional cooking and was a chef for 17 years in the kitchen of the Villa Prévost, a senior citizens home in Sainte-Claire. Then in 1986, Jean-Léon steered his career in a new direction. It meant farewell “crèmes brûlées”; as he became a union advisor in health for the Syndicat québécois des employées et employés de service, F.T.Q, local 298, until 2005. That year, he became a full-time retiree, a lifestyle that suits him very well.

Always an avid outdoorsman, Jean-Léon enjoys camping, fishing, motorcycling, and also travelling and carpentry. He has been very busy sharing many of the same passions as Michel Garant. It is not surprising the camaraderie between the two was immediate, and they became good friends. They both love nature and outdoor activities.

When Michel Garant told him about his cross-Canada project for the Mira Foundation, Jean-Léon immediately volunteered to support and accompany him on the journey by driving his motor home. He truly admires the courage and determination of Michel. Jean-Léon would not have missed the opportunity to be with his friend through this epic challenge, for anything in the world. For Michel, it will also be a journey of taste sensations, as Jean-Léon will be his personal cook, treating him to his culinary creations at every step along the way.