Fabienne Breton

Originally from Quebec City and now living in Toronto, Fabienne Breton is a sales and marketing professional working at both the Canadian and international levels. In that capacity, she has worked with Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized business, non-profit organizations involved in areas of activity that include consumer goods. Since 2003, Fabienne has been providing consulting services, specializing in helping businesses grow through strategic planning and the active management of sales, as well as through structured marketing, in an effort to help them achieve their desired objectives.

For the past several years, Fabienne has also been conducting training and entrepreneurship workshops, some of which have been designed for women. For five years she was President of the Toronto chapter of the Association of French Business Women (2005-2009).

Volunteer work is also high on Fabienne’s priority list. She has invested countless hours in charities and non-profits, such as the United Way of Greater Toronto, Oasis Centre des femmes and Franco-Fête.

Fabienne is immensely proud and is enthusiastically committed to the idea of seeing her brother-in-law, Michel Garant, travel across Canada by hand bike in support of the Mira Foundation. She immediately jumped at the opportunity to offer her assistance. She wants to make sure that news of Michel’s work in support of persons with disabilities is broadcast far and wide.

Fabienne holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Communications from Laval University in Quebec City. She has also taken courses in business administration and marketing at the HEC in Montréal and at Ryerson University in Toronto.