Ontario’s unforgettable roads!

Ontario – July-August 2012

By Fabienne Breton

On August 9, 2012, Michel said goodbye to Ontario after spending 30 days crossing this province with its myriad of lakes and breathtaking scenery, and a highly diverse population spread out over a vast area. He knows that the thousands of pedal strokes that he has completed so far will continue to have an effect, even after he leaves the province. It’s a real challenge to reach out to the population of a province in just a single month when you aren’t very well known there. But thanks to the Toronto crew and the new friends that Michel made on his journey through Ontario, Michel Garant’s Challenge – from sea to sea for Mira will continue to have an effect and the donations should continue to roll in in Ontario.

Ontario is the province that gave Michel the greatest challenges, and he will take away some very good memories from it, but there were three things that he will not miss. The first one, which we briefly alluded to in a previous article, is the fact that most secondary highways do not have any shoulders. Secondly, there is the condition of the secondary highways themselves. They’re not very cycle-friendly. Where are the bike lanes when you need them?

And thirdly, there were the storm sewer catch basins at the side of the road to drain away the rainwater with their slots lined up in the direction of travel … what do you think happens when a bicycle wheel gets stuck in the grates?


Michel wants to use this extraordinary journey to promote the fact that Mira has provided a total of 46 dogs to Canadians living outside of Quebec and the Maritimes. In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for Mira’s free Service Dogs, he is rolling out the first cross-Canada campaign to call upon the generosity of Canadians across the country. Michel will reach out to millions of Canadians and hopes to see them cheering him on and donating to Mira’s Foundation as he passes through their communities.