A word from Mollo

Hi everybody!  My name is Mollo, my family chose that name based on a character trait of mine. It means “softly.”  I was five years old on February 19, 2012. My strong, handsome dad is called Patof.  He’s a black, white and red Bernese mountain dog, and my beautiful mother is Phoenix.  She’s a blonde Labrador.  That means I’m a black and white short-haired Labernese. Very nice dogs, they say. I like to think that’s true.  Anyhow, I’m not like other dogs. I was born at MIRA, my first family. Then, when I was big enough, I went to school there. For several weeks, some really nice dog masters trained me to help people with physical disabilities, like Michel.  I fetch everything that Michel drops and I bring him his clothes, his shoes, his sandals, his slippers or his boots. I can really tell them apart, you know!  After all, a pair of sandals is not the same as a pair of slippers. I learned a whole bunch of things at school. I know to always be docile, gentle and polite around people and behave myself in public places, such as restaurants for example. The list of things that I can do and the words that I have learned are very well described on the Mira site, that I encourage you to check out.


If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am an affectionate dog who likes to be around humans. Michel likes to tell everybody that I am very intelligent and, in all modesty, I have to agree with him.  I have been brought up well, I am obedient and I am a very quick learner. Do I have any faults? Yes, like Michel I can be a little bit stubborn and sometimes what you might call “energetic”.


How we first met…

I have to tell you a little secret. While Michel was being trained in June 2009, they gave him three dogs in two days. Finally, MIRA chose me, Mollo, to be Michel’s companion. Dog masters have very stringent criteria when it comes to matching a dog with a new master. When Michel saw me for the first time, I was lying on the ground and rolling all around. I really got myself noticed. Michel said right away, “What’s with that one, he’s so energetic!” That was all it took to win him over. From the moment we first met, both of us knew that we were going to get along well together. And we were right.

This is the picture of our group’s graduation in June 2009. Can you tell which one is me?