A word from Michel

My name is Michel Garant and this is my faithful companion Mollo. For those of you who do not know me yet, you will soon, because from June 9th until the end of August 2012 I am crossing Canada on a hanbike to raise money. Why on a handbike, you may ask? Because I’m paralyzed from the chest down.  My life changed overnight in 2004 after a snowboarding accident. With my spinal cord severed, I had to say goodbye to my career as an entrepreneur and learn to deal with my disability. I also had to relearn how to do all the little things I used to take for granted.  I have to admit that it was not easy at first. But I quickly bounced back. Thanks to the invaluable support of my family and friends, I regained hope very fast. I was born a fighter and I will always be one. I am also very grateful to the Mira Foundation for giving me Mollo. Mollo is an unparalleled service dog that goes with me everywhere. He will also be part of my journey this summer from Vancouver to Sydney, Nova Scotia.

I’m sure he will steal the show during this incredible adventure of about 7,300 km. This is not the first time I set such a challenging goal for myself. I have taken part in several cycling events and have made two trips around the Gaspé Peninsula on behalf of the Mira Foundation. This is my way of thanking the Mira Foundation for their dedication to training dogs that improve the quality of physically challenged people like me.

Come and say hello during my Canadian tour or chat with me on my website. You will soon be able to follow me on You Tube as well. I look forward to meeting you. The more generous you are, the more encouraged and energized I’ll be riding across this great “big” country of ours. So, can I count on you? My optimistic nature says yes. I await you in large numbers.