Friendly Nova Scotia

Nouvelles – Nova Scotia – August 17-21

By Fabienne Breton

Michel and Jean-Léon, his trusty mechanic and jack-of-all trades helper.

Michel’s new look… using one of Mollo’s old bandannas.

Michel poses proudly with the flag of the Town of Pictou, Nova Scotia, after it was presented to him.

Michel along with his brother-in-law Luc Goulet and his 10 years old son Jean-Christophe leaving the Town of Pictou.

Songs around the campfire, with Luc Goulet on guitar.

Mr. Michael Gorman from The Chronicle Herald Newspaper, Truro Desk, interviewing Michel while Mr. Jean Brousseau (white polo), a member of the Mira Foundation Board of Directors, is acting as interpreter and spokesperson for Mira.

Bye Bye Nova Scotia, a beautiful and a friendly Province.


Michel wants to use this extraordinary journey to promote the fact that Mira has provided a total of 46 dogs to Canadians living outside of Quebec and the Maritimes. In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for Mira’s free Service Dogs, he is rolling out the first cross-Canada campaign to call upon the generosity of Canadians across the country. Michel will reach out to millions of Canadians and hopes to see them cheering him on and donating to Mira’s Foundation as he passes through their communities.