Emotions abound everywhere!

Sydney to St. Peter’s, Nova Scotia – August 16, 2012

by Fabienne Breton

August 16, 2012. Michel’s day started out on a sunny note… no, it wasn’t a dream; it was because Brigitte, his better half, was there with him. How happy he was to have her along, to encourage him to continue the remainder of his adventure. Mollo was also very happy to see Brigitte with them. And we suspect that Jean-Léon would have been happy to be able to delegate some of the housekeeping chores and responsibilities to her. Everybody was happy.

Along the way, at the top of a high hill, Jean-Léon had previously arranged with a trumpet player to play a special piece of music for Michel. It was a very moving moment for Michel, our hardened athlete with the tender heart. Anybody who knows him knows how much Michel likes music of all types. It runs in the family.

Today, Michel covered the 89 kilometres between Sydney and St-Peter’s, Nova Scotia over a winding, hilly road, most of the time without any shoulders.

Friends from Cheticamp, on Cape Breton Island, travelled two hours to come and have supper with Michel. They brought with them an excellent homemade lasagne, and made a generous donation as well. Michel was very moved by your great generosity and Mira thanks you most warmly for your gift. Go, Michel, Go!


Michel wants to use this extraordinary journey to promote the fact that Mira has provided a total of 46 dogs to Canadians living outside of Quebec and the Maritimes. In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for Mira’s free Service Dogs, he is rolling out the first cross-Canada campaign to call upon the generosity of Canadians across the country. Michel will reach out to millions of Canadians and hopes to see them cheering him on and donating to Mira’s Foundation as he passes through their communities.