A Successful Fundraiser!

Toronto, Ontario – August 2 Fundraiser

by Fabienne Breton

The arrival in Toronto of Michel and his entourage one day ahead of schedule required last-minute changes to the fundraiser, which had also originally been orchestrated faster than you could say “encore”. Such a fast major change in plans could not have been possible without the generosity and commitment of Martin McSkimming, owner of Hemingway’s Restaurant and Patio (http://hemingways.to/) located in Yorkville, one of the toniest and most popular parts of Toronto. And with the help of Gary Tanguay, the restaurant’s general manager, Fabienne was able to quickly rearrange plans for the fundraiser. “Can’t” is not part of their vocabulary; anything was possible. And this was good, because there were two other factors that did not play out in our favour: (1) there wasn’t time to re-send all the invitations, and (2) it was the day before the August long weekend, which is a major holiday in Ontario. With Hemingway’s, we were sure that there would be customers to fill the various patios and take in the excellent atmosphere.

We have to say that the staff assigned to the event that took place on the evening of August 2 provided Michel, Mollo, and his team (Jean-Léon, Nancy and Daniel), as well as Fabienne and her team of volunteers, with superlative service. Our warmest thanks go out to Martin, Gary and their entire friendly team of professionals—John and Steve, the managers on duty, the highly talented Jovanka at the bar, and the excellent servers Nicole, Ronan, and Colin, not to forget Winston for the hors d’œuvres. I would be dismissed to forget to mention the help of Lawrence McSkimming. What a magnificent team!

Thanks also to the entire team of volunteers for their remarkable work of preparation and execution. Thanks, Annette, Irene and Suzanne for your judicious advice and support. And thank you to Jacqueline, Jennifer and Justine for your contributions throughout the evening. Without you this fundraiser would not have enjoyed the success it did. You’re a great team!

And in conclusion, thank you to all the generous donors who, in spite of the short notice, supplied items for the fundraiser, and to all those of you who supported Michel Garant’s Challenge on behalf of Mira for purchasing items. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

WOW! Together, in just two hours, we raised a total of $2,600 for the Mira Foundation. Go Michel Go!



Michel wants to use this extraordinary journey to promote the fact that Mira has provided a total of 46 dogs to Canadians living outside of Quebec and the Maritimes. In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for Mira’s free Service Dogs, he is rolling out the first cross-Canada campaign to call upon the generosity of Canadians across the country. Michel will reach out to millions of Canadians and hopes to see them cheering him on and donating to Mira’s Foundation as he passes through their communities.